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Before author Richard Deaver created the unusual world of ‘Wally & Sid’, he used his overactive imagination to create award-winning, immersive themed experiences for parks and attractions.

Born and raised in California's Central Valley, when he wasn't exploring the wide-open spaces or playing in trees, Richard had his nose in a book, and in many cases, acted out their stories.


Being young and impressionable, this obviously did not include romance novels.

Even as a young, precocious and sometimes mischievous lad whose own grandfather called ‘contrary’, he developed his unique brand of humor influenced by ‘The Three Stooges’, ‘Looney Tunes’, and ‘Mad Magazine’.

Always scribbling on anything he could find, from homework, tests, and even his schoolbooks (much to the chagrin of his teachers and parents) the constant doodling of this self-taught artist continues even now whenever he goes to any restaurant with paper ‘tablecloths’ and crayons, leaving others at the table to question his mental health as they discuss important topics of the day.

His first children’s book, ‘A Pest at Wiseacre Farms’, introduced humankind to the wacky and popular ‘Wally & Sid’ characters; two anthropomorphic ‘plants in cracked clay pots’ that are constantly creating chaos wherever they go.

Deaver’s second book, ‘Wally & Sid – Crackpots At-Large’ is a compilation of laugh-out-loud Daily and Sunday comic strips based on ‘Wally & Sid’ and their off-beat friends.

From the self-deprecating wit of the author, Richard Deaver, to the relentless pranks and practical jokes cooked up by the entire cast of peculiar characters, the addictively humorous ‘Wally & Sid – Crackpots At-Large’ will remind you of comic strips and graphic novels like ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and ‘Pearls Before Swine.’

Wally, a sweet, lovably naïve friend-to-all, is very gullible and usually the target of his brother, Sid’s, pranks and sarcastic jabs. Sid is cool. Sid is confident. Sid’s a know-it-all, but Wally does turn the tables every once in a while at Sid’s expense.

They’re both at the mercy of the sharp-witted author who creates chaos at every turn, and in the ‘Wally & Sid’ comic strips, often joins in the fun to remind them who's boss. This doesn’t always turn out very well for him.

Through an off-beat mix of words gracing richly illustrated, full-color images, Deaver’s ‘Wally & Sid’ comic strips embody the eccentric mind of a clearly delusional cartoonist with visions of grandeur and total world domination.

His books are filled with humorous schemes, often disastrous high-octane action, and zany quips as they careen off the page taking the reader along on their latest escapades filled with belly laughs, snickers, cackles, and giggles.


‘A Pest at Wiseacre Farms’, and ‘Wally & Sid – Crackpots At-Large’ will take you on a journey of chaos, with sometimes snarky, but often tender words, all gift-wrapped in raucous, merciless pranks.

Both books offer:

  • Richly illustrated, full-color drawings

  • The unique wit of author, Richard Deaver

  • A bevy of amusingly eccentric characters as supporting cast

  • Humor and entertainment for kids of all ages including teen and young adult readers

Richard Deaver

Frequently Asked Questions


Q) When did Wally & Sid: Crackpots At-Large start?

A) Wally was the first character created back in 2009, but originally for a completely different purpose. The first children’s book featuring Wally & Sid — “A Pest at Wiseacre Farms” — was published in April 2018, and is available at too many places to provide a complete list, but Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and WalMart are a few that carry it. Even the bookstore at Harvard University carries it. Maybe it should be required reading. You can get it in hard cover, paperback and eBook. The comic strip began in late 2018, and the first book collection of comics were released in November 2020, and is available at all of the same booksellers.

Q) Will you be writing any more children’s books on these characters?

A) That really depends on Wally & Sid. They’re a bit persnickety about what they do, and real pains in the butt, so it’s hard to get anything done with all of their complaining. But, yes. There will be more books written. Eventually.

Q) What if we see a mistake, or find one of the strips isn’t funny?

A) Any mistakes would have been made by others, namely Wally. He often sneaks into my studio at night to see what I’m working on, and if I don’t lock things up, he’ll make changes – usually so he’ll look better, but that’s where the mistakes come in. In terms of any strip not being funny? Also Wally. He lacks a funny bone. Anything that’s not funny was a strip he screwed up. Honest.

But if you see something, or really think something isn’t snot-bubbles funny, send me an email to so I can take it up with Wally…and dock his pay.

Q) Why are the characters ‘pots’?

A) Why not? (Sid told me to answer it this way…under threat)

Q) How old are you?

A) Next question.

Q) Do you sell original strips?

A) No. They’ll be kept in a secret location far underground long after I’m gone. But you can get prints of them. Just send an email to Please include the pink slip to your car – especially if it’s a Ferrari.

Q) How can I get an autographed print of a strip?

A) Same answer as above. Email me, tell me which comic, and don’t forget the pink slip.

Q) Do you do book signings?

A) Absolutely! Just have your bookstore or library contact me.

Q) Can you include my name in the comics?

A) Remember that pink slip? Just make sure it’s a Ferrari.

Q) What influenced you to create these characters?

A) I grew up watching Looney Tunes, and The Three Stooges. They still make me laugh to this day. I also read the comics (we called them ‘funny papers’ back then) every day growing up. I still do. It amazes me that some of the old comics are still going strong. That says a lot about their quality, and loyal fans. Some of my favorites are Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Far Side, Bloom County, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine. Mad Magazine was also required reading.

Q) Is it hard writing about these characters?

A) Have you SEEN what these two do – and their friends? It’s a constant battle. They’re prima donnas and I’m constantly rewriting to suit them. This requires a lot of coffee, and a copious amount of swearing. I may have to start adding alcohol to the list.

Q) Is there any Wally & Sid merch available?

A) Funny you should ask! We’re actually designing an entire collection that will include apparel (t-shirts, sweats, hats, etc.), accessories (totes, backpacks), drinkware, and phone cases; beach towels, and even sneakers. We’ll also include skateboards with the characters on them. There’s no set date on when everything will be available, but if you sign up to receive emails, we will keep you posted on things.

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