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Above the Clouds
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Here are just a few book reviews:

“This is a new favorite. The small chapters are perfect for young reader and bedtime stories. Adults are sure to enjoy some belly laughs too.”

                                                                                         - Angela F.


“Great book for school age kids to read or for parents/caregivers to read to younger kids! I like how it’s broken up in short chapters, so perfect for bedtime reading—one chapter a night. Vibrant illustrations, too!”

                                                                                         - Hannah H.


“This is a clever story about two practical jokers. A terrific chapter book kids will read over and over.”

                                                                                         - Linda K.

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The Book Trailer

Wally & Sid A Pest at Wiseacre Farms Children's Picture Book
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A PEST at Wiseacre Farms

A small, but clever troublemaker is creating havoc at Wiseacre Farms, where there always seems to be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Chock-full of laughter, chaos and craziness, this farm-fresh comedic adventure follows Wally & Sid, and their hilariously unforgettable friends, on a journey filled with laugh-out-loud humor, lots of heart, and genuine fun.

Wally & Sid are not the sharpest tools in the garden shed, and certainly no strangers to chaos. The comical misadventures of these two practical jokers turn into days filled with hilarious mishaps and mischief.

Now there is a pest, a bad seed if you will, causing problems, who is not even trying to hide that he's the culprit.

The pressure is building, so will they be able to come up with a plan to stop him? Or will their tiny tormenter continue to prove he's smarter and craftier than Wally & Sid?

Become immersed in this action-packed magical story of optimism and friendship, imaginative pranks and pranksters, and a diverse cast of characters that includes a 300 year old magician and his rabbit, a Latina florist in full Dia de los Muertos splendor, a special-needs ice cream vendor, an expressionless Tiki, a private eye, a wonky purveyor of poop, and of course, Wally & Sid. Oh, and a sly and cunning pest!

Beautifully illustrated, this tale of wonderfully quirky creatures offers a generous dose of home grown hilarity for kids of all ages.

This is not your typical hero's journey tale.

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The Lords of Lunacy


Overly optimistic, lovable, but a total klutz, is the best way to decribe Wally.

Always at the ready with a friendly wave and a smile, this mischief-maker is NOT the sharpest tool in the garden shed.


Calm. Cool. Collected. Crackpot. Oh, and skilled practical joker. Sid is Wally's twin brother, but he is more clever, and definitely cooler than Wally, and is usually the voice of reason.


Meet the Neighbors


With ice cream scoop in hand, Scooter loves serving up sweet treats for all his friends.

Zipping around with blurring speed, this 'no excuses' shop owner can go faster than others can run, and spin around like a toy top. Stopping is often the only problem.

The Pest

Rooty is not your everyday rodent on a mission. This brown-burrower-of-misfortune is clever. He is sly and cunning. He wreaks havoc under the cover of darkness.

This pest makes it a certainty that Wiseacre Farms will never be the same again.

Flower Power

This strong Latina florist with a not-so-secret crush on Sid, is always the picture of beauty decked out in her Dia de los Muertos splendor.

Island Warrior

With eyebrows raised and gritted teeth, this Tiki's expression never changes. At his popular juice shop, you can always get a refreshing frozen fruit smoothie that comes with a frozen grimace at no extra charge.

The Magician and his Sidekick

A face lined with age and nearly 300 years of great experiences, Rocky was once a famous magician and aristocrat known as 'The Great Rockmaninoff'. His travels had taken him on exotic journeys, and to the far reaches of the world performing for royalty.

His constant companion is a magician's rabbit, Ta-da, who he met many years ago. Ta-da had been a Court Jester for kings and queens, and during one of Rocky's magic performances, Ta-da started heckling him from backstage. Just as Rocky sat to perform one of his magic tricks, Ta-da pulled the chair from under him, which made the Lords and Ladies in the audience howl with laughter, when he landed unceremoniously on his rear.

Rocky saw their reaction, and decided to play along as if it were part of the act. The two became fast friends, and even though Rocky was often the butt of Ta-da's jokes and slapstick humor, this unlikely pair have been performing every since with Ta-da taking up permanent residence under Rocky's top hat.

The Private Eye

Cy Clops is a private eye, who once worked for the CIA, or Crackpots Intelligence Agency, which as it turns out, was a complete oxymoron. Cy is a bit of a loner and speaks in a matter-of-factly, monotone voice, with a rapid-fire staccato. Think Joe Friday from Dragnet.

What's that smell?

Spreading good vibes along with stinky cow pies, Dusty is surrounded by a cloud of dust that seems to follow wherever he goes.

Pungent and plucky, life with Dusty is a real gas. Incredibly dimwitted, but one of the good guys, this purveyor of poops always delivers laughs.

The Curious  World of

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