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Tin Foil Hat

Conspiracy theories are plentiful on the internet, world-wide web, interweb, or whatever you want to call it. You can also discover get-rich-quick schemes, the latest weight loss or exercise fads (often get-rich-quick schemes), pyramid schemes in all shapes and sizes, mindless political drivel, and more.

Stories about aliens are also plentiful, with plots to invade earth and decimate humankind.

Brain Sucking

Wally spends much too much time surfing the web, and usually buys into one conspiracy theory, or another. His naiveté and innocence makes him very gullible. He tends to believe every story about aliens, and this time, he swears what he’s read is true.

Sid believes otherwise. Be like Sid.

The Tin Foil Hat Theory

In this strip, Wally shows his disposition to believe anything; as, absurd credulity. This is not unusual for him. Some people believe anything and everything they read on the internet, and Wally is no exception. In fact, he’s taken steps to prevent aliens from sucking out his brain, and has donned a special hat of tin foil to protect him. Like a chastity belt for his head. This, of course, assumes there is a brain to suck out.

If Wally had seen crop circles, that might be a different story. One like M. Night Shyamalan proffered.

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