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Electronic Press Kit

Welcome! This Electronic Press Kit includes information about the hilarious children's picture book, Wally & Sid - A Pest at Wiseacre Farms. It also contains marketing support information, including a fun animated book trailer, as well as many other wonderful goodies available to bookstores, libraries, and retailers. 

Richard Deaver

Reading and writing has always been an important part of life for author and award-winning creative designer, Richard Deaver. Born and raised in California's Central Valley, when he wasn't exploring the wide-open spaces or playing in trees, Richard had his nose in a book, and would escape for hours into a world of imagination, and wonder.

Ever curious and always with a creative bent, Richard would use stories to dream up great adventures where anything was possible.. Growing older did not quell that imagination, or thirst for adventure. A life-long admirer of Walt Disney, he has used his love of storytelling and that same imagination to create immersive themed experiences for parks and attractions. In 2009, Richard came up with the idea for Wally & Sid while designing a farm-themed attraction for an amusement park, and spent the next several years developing the story as the cast of characters has continued to grow (pun intended). 

Contact Information:                                        Social Media:

Author:      Richard Deaver



YouTube:  Wally & Sid TV

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We utilize a number of marketing techniques and tools to support bookstores, libraries, and retail stores.

  • One Sheets

  • Tabletop Displays, Window Clings, Shelf Talkers, Posters

  • Author Visits, and Author Skype Visits

  • Fun and Education Activities, Hands-on Events (Little Hands at Wiseacre Farms)

  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube 

  • Television Series - Currently in development. Television program with in-studio and on-location filming of Author Visits, Author Skype Visits, Hands-On Events (Little Hands at Wiseacre Farms) with animated Wally & Sid cartoon shorts. This television program will also be distributed on Social Media    

Explore the Story

Potter's Mill logo

Potter's Mill is a sleepy little town located smack-dab in the

Middle of Nowhere, and is populated by hilariously unforgettable

characters. Our intrepid heroes, Wally and Sid, live just on the outskirts of

town at Wiseacre Farms, where there always seems to be a catastrophe

just waiting to happen.

Our town was founded a long, long time ago when Euthymides Gryton

discovered a very special type of clay along the banks of the River Erda.

A potter by trade, Euthymides decided to settle on this fertile land and began to create all manner of clay pots, in various shapes and sizes to be sold in villages many miles away. But something happened when he began working with the clay. The clay was so much different than any he had worked with before! Every time Euthymides tried to grow anything inside these pots, the plants came alive. Really alive! Legs and arms formed first, cracking the clay and breaking through the side of the pots, and soon, facial features began to take shape as if by magic! When eyes, noses and mouths appeared, each pot took on its own unique and wacky personality.

Over time, a few of these wonderful and quirky creatures moved away from Potter's Mill. The more adventurous ones left for faraway lands, but most remained behind since Potter's Mill is where they felt most at home. Being located in the Middle of Nowhere, travelers rarely journeyed through this remote area, which also means the citizens had very little contact with the outside world.


It also means the outside world knows very little about them.


What will happen when their secret is discovered?


Keep checking back to learn more about Potter's Mill and its


The Legend of Potter's Mill

Welcome to Little Hands at Wiseacre Farms!

We are connecting kids to farming! In this era of farms and

farmland disappearing due to the increase in urbanization,

many children are unaware of where their food comes from;

especially natural foods.

Did you know that the breakfast cereal you eat starts in a

wheat field? Or that honey bees are vital to the pollination of

different types of food such as, apples, melons, and even broccoli? Almonds depend entirely on honey bees for pollination at bloom time.

Little Hands at Wiseacre Farms is a place where kids can have fun, AND learn about the source of their food. Find out more about healthy living through good nutrition and physical play. Discover how farms and farmers play a critical role in what we eat, and how you can help ensure that future generations will enjoy safe and healthy foods by what we all do today.


New content will be added, so stay connected for more juicy tidbits about how agriculture and proper nutrition makes a difference in our daily lives, and have fun at the same time! 

Download and Print Free for Hours of Fun! 

The Curious  World of

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