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Above the Clouds

Breaking Bad

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Sure, I stole a title from a TV show, but I doubt that Walter White would mind. At least I hope not. That could create a real meth (almost a pun, but not quite).

The title I ‘procured’ was really to paint a picture of what Wally & Sid are up to in this; the inaugural comic strip (insert applause here).

These two lunatics have a way of creating havoc even when none exists.

The more snow, the better

Not for me. I hate the cold. My idea of a perfect day in the snow is sitting in front of a roaring fire, drinking hot toddies while watching the skiers and snowboarders do face plants in the frozen tundra.

But for Wally & Sid, I want as much snow as possible. Freezing snow, packed hard. One word comes to mind: frostbite. Since I get to put them in all kinds of predicaments to get laughs, I figure a few bumps and bruises won’t hurt…too much.

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