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Above the Clouds

Finding Humor

Trying to find humor in the things that seem odd, or which may irritate us, is not always easy. Since writing humor (or at least attempting to) is pretty much what I do, I look for ways to turn lemons into lemonade, or preferably, avocados into guacamole. With a margarita chaser.

Where we're headed

A few years ago I started putting together my thoughts on a blog idea loosely titled 'My $.02 Worth,' which was a vehicle for me to opine (also known as 'rant') about what I considered to be oddities, curiosities, and/or frustrations. The list was, and is; quite long.

But that's not why we're here. This blog will be dedicated to the pursuit of humor through my current and future characters – and occasionally – what they may find curious or irritating.

Wally & Sid have been with me since 2009, but didn't 'come to life' until 2018 when my first book, 'A Pest at Wiseacre Farms' was published. Wally, who was originally called 'Chip' because of the chip in his rim, was the first character created. Even then, he was part of an ensemble cast of characters for a children’s farm I designed at a small amusement park. The farm was never built (an obvious point of frustration), but this character stuck with me. Over the next several years, I played with the design, and eventually, once Sid had been created, their names were settled on. Sid was originally known as 'Clay' (see what I did there?). Both original character names were created with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, but I realized they might be a bit too obvious (aka “cliché”).

What's next?

The current plan is to publish all of the new Wally & Sid comic strips that began in late 2018, through this blog, in addition to various social media pages. They will often come with commentary (rants?) about the inspiration for a given strip, but hopefully, I won’t feel the need to explain the jokes. If I do, then I’ve failed.

I'm not able to say much about all of the future plans (yet), but the comics will be published regularly, along with any new announcements about these, and other characters. Information about new books and future animation will also be featured in the blog.

My hope is that readers will find them funny, and share the adventures (actually, misadventures) of these Lords of Lunacy with their friends, or enemies; whichever is the longer list...

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